Databackup can be so easy


MOUNT10 MINO is a product of MOUNT10 AG and it is based on the well-known service MOUNT10 COMBO. With MINO you have the opportunity to order very attractive SME packages.

The transmitted data is highly encrypted and can not be altered or changed, they reside as “read only”.

You as a customer do not have to buy additional software, the necessary backup software is part of the service and is provided to you. Clients are available for Windows, as well as MAC and LINUX platforms. MINO is available in low-cost SME packages.


With the installation credentials, you’ll receive from us, you can establish a connection to our storage platform in the SFK. You will be asked to create an Encryption-Key responsible for the encryption of your data. Without this Encryption-Key, recovery of your data will be impossible. Not even MOUNT10 can recreate or regenerate this key! As a next step, you chose the data you would like to be backed up, the frequency of the backups and the desired point in time to execute this process. MINO works like a local backup, but will transfer the encrypted data to SWISS FORT KNOX I and II, so your data is stored in 2 external locations, highly encrypted and secure in Switzerland. In the 5 SME packages a 1 server license (“SE”) is included. The history is 7 to max. 14 Backup sets (versions).

Functionalities and advantages

  • SWISS FORT KNOX I + II: Encrypted & redundant storage in the most secure datacenters of Europe. Your data is exclusively stored in Switzerland, guaranteed!
  • Read-Only, malware protection: The transferred data is highly encrypted and cannot be altered anymore.
  • Simple: With our software client, you can do it all, select your data, backup this selection and restore all your data when you need it.
  • End-to-End encryption: Your data will be encrypted directly on your environment with AES 256-bit before it leaves your infrastructure. The encryption has no negative impact regarding the backup performance. No one else except you can read your data.
  • Recovery and disaster option: A small or medium data volume can be restored easily over the internet through the client software. Optionally we offer an express delivery of your larger data volumes on external Hardware devices (USB/NAS).
  • Service Operation Center SOC: A team of certified technicians is available for support, free of charge and 24/7.
  • Seeding: For larger initial backups, we send you an USB or NAS device to save time and bandwidth. So, as of day one, only the changes of your data need to be transferred over the internet to save you expensive Internet upload bandwidth.


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