Overview of our backup products

Backup means having more than version of your data, stored write protected and encrypted, ready for restore, if possible in more than one external location. Those protection mechanisms are the necessary ingredients of a business backup. A professional backup solution also protects your data against cryptomalware, hardware issues, software based issues, natural disasters, fraud, vandalism, fire or any other known threat.


This is the home turf of the proactive managed services of MOUNT10. All your data is locally encrypted and transferred automatically and continuously into SWISS FORT KNOX II and from there on to SWISS FORT KNOX I. The whole process is managed and controlled by MOUNT10 and we will react proactively, if the process is interrupted. Only you have access to your data and you can withdraw and restore your data independently and individually.

  • Fonctionnalités
  • Stockage crypté dans
  • Historique de sauvegardes
  • Historique de sauvegarde illimité
  • Stockage de données auditables
  • Sauvegarde des fichierts individuels
  • Sauvegarde des systèmes entiers
  • Partage et stockage en nuage
  • Base de calcul
  • Prise en charge des différents systèmes d'exploitation
  • Terminaus compatibles
  • Suivi proactive quotidien de processus
  • Assistance personelle et gratuite 24/7
  • Transfer physique dans le
    SWISS FORT KNOX I + II possible
  • 12 Moins
  • Votre séléction
  • Tous
  • PC / Mac
  • 7-14 Backups
  • Votre séléction
  • Tous
  • PC / Serveur
  • 10 années
  • Votre séléction
  • Tous
  • PC / Mac / Serveur
* 1 base es données = 1 BackupOptionelles
  • Fléxible
  • Capacité maximale de stockage
  • Win. / Linux
  • VMs
  • Fléxible
  • Capacité maximale de stockage
  • Windows
  • PC / Server VMs
  • Capacité maximale de stockage
  • Tous
  • Plusieurs terminaux
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Take advantage of the modern technology integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication software (version 9 and later) together with our REPLICA@MOUNT10 service in order to be able to use your most important service infrastructures within minutes after an incident.
With Veeam Cloud Connect, you have a direct SSL encrypted Internet connection to SWISS FORT KNOX over an individual TCP port.


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In collaboration with SIAG Secure Infostore AG we offer server housing at the highest security level inside the SWISS FORT KNOX I + II. We offer you a customized solutions meeting all your needs!