"Dialog Chaos Team" wins at the MOUNT10 Grand Prix 2019

On 27 September 2019, 9 teams competed for the challenge cup and VIP tickets to the Swiss Indoors Basel at the legendary MOUNT1O Grand Prix 2019. At the end of the day "Dialog Chaos Team" took the victory.
Claudio Wicki, Sandro Wicki and Dimitios Ypsilos from Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG won with 318 laps. Thanks to the ideal line on the go-kart track, skill and quick driver changes, they happily lifted the challenge cup up into the air. The "Not Fast But Furious" team of MOUNT10 finished second with 313 laps. It remained exciting around the third place up to the last lap. "Dreikom" secured the last podium place in the end. The Best Lap award goes to Philippe Gmür from the "Not Fast But Furious" team.
Happy and fighting faces were also to be seen with those kart drivers who didn't catch every corner optimally, squeaked their tyres from time to time and let themselves be overtaken with fair play. But the 3 hours of kart racing flew by and the participants were looking forward to the Thai buffet. As a participant gift all drivers received a noble Chilly bottle as well as a Datablocker.
MOUNT10 Grand Prix 2019 - The Movie!
Helmet up, visor down and full throttle at the 3 hours kart race with 27 riders and speeds up to 30 km/h.