Votre partenaire pour le stockage sécurisé à long terme de données, la sauvegarde, la reprise après sinistre et le partage de fichiers en Suisse.

En plus des solutions pour les entreprises, nous sommes spécialisés pour les cas d'utilisation suivants: 

Government and public sector

As time tells, foreign countries are eager to get access to your data for various reasons. There are no compromises in data defence with MOUNT10. Physical protection, data encryption and privacy are guaranteed. All your data is stored in the Swiss Alps in SWISS FORT KNOX I & II, probably the safest place in Europe.

Law firms and notary offices

Does the latest data protection law force you to store your data also externally and write protected in high security datacenters?

MOUNT10 offers exactly what you need: Your data is only accessible to you and stored in the most secure datacenters in Europe. All your data is encrypted locally, before it leaves your premises.

Architects and engineers


Need to protect your patents, your intellectual property or creative designs? We protect it with maximum security, that is what we mean be SWISS DATA DEFENCE.

Crafts enterprise

In order to be able to focus on your customer and be always at the right time at the right place, you need the availability of your data. If you lose your data, you lose money, customers or even your business is on risk. Protect your business with data backup solutions from MOUNT10.

Startups and SOHO setups

Especially as a startup, there is no time to focus on something else but your product or idea. You need to be 100% protected with an easy automated solution from MOUNT10. If your PC ends his life, the replacement PC will be up and running in shortest time with all your data.

Doctors offices

Do you want the best protection for the data of your patients? 

You are personally responsible for protecting your patients data. With MOUNT10, we guarantee that the data is only accessible to you and can not be read by anybody else. Best possible encryption, easy usage and even redundant storage in Switzerland paired with free 24x7 local support is what you are looking for.

référence du mois

«With MOUNT10, we have been able to rely on a partner who understands his work for over a decade!»

Daniel Harder,

Head of IT Services




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Voyez-vous comment il se cache derrière les portes du datacenter le plus sécurisé d'Europe: SWISS FORT KNOX.



Nouvelles et Évents

Arcplace hands over backup customers to MOUNT10

Arcplace hands over backup customers to MOUNT10

As part of its strategic focus, Arcplace decided at the end of 2018 to withdraw from the backup business and concentrate fully on its core competence of information management and archiving. With MOUNT10, Arcplace has found a partner with the same DNA: Service, quality and reliability are the main priorities for both Swiss companies. Robbert Spierings, CEO Arcplace: "It was important for us that our customers continue to receive professional service. With MOUNT10, we have found a reliable partner." MOUNT10 took over a large part of the customers in the first half of 2019. "We very much appreciate the cooperation with Arcplace and are pleased to be able to serve the new customers competently", adds Thomas Liechti, CEO MOUNT10. The customers welcome the fact that they can continue to secure their data in Switzerland without loss of quality, reliably and with proactive monitoring.

Data sheets Redesign

Data sheets Redesign

Our product data sheets have been revised. In addition to the new layout and design, the key points of the respective product are now visible more quickly. The data sheets are now available for download on the respective product pages.