The No. 1 backup solution for virtual environments.


Our product VEEAM-AGENT@MOUNT10 (hereafter referred to as „VA@M) is based on Veeam Cloud Connect and is provided as a service from MOUNT10 AG. 


Use the modern technology of Veeam together with our Cloud Repository to implement retention policies like GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) or other backup policies for example 3-2-1.

With Veeam Cloud Connect the connection will happen directly over the Internet, using a single TCP port, protected by SSL encryption.

Backups will have to be encrypted. This password is not stored by MOUNT10 AG and cannot be recreated by MOUNT10 AG.


With the installation credentials, you’ll receive from us, you can establish a connection to your Cloud Repository.

A Cloud Repository works the same as a local Backup, with the only difference that your data is offsite and high available. An own second backup site is not necessary as we keep your data in our two independent datacentres SWISS FORT KNOX I + II.

Functionalities and advantages

  • SWISS FORT KNOX I + II: Encrypted & redundant storage in the most secure datacentres of Europe. Your data is exclusively stored in Switzerland, guaranteed!
  • Usual MOUNT10 service: We check your repository on a daily basis & contact you if you exceed your storage.
  • Offsite backups: With Veeam Cloud Connect you can send your backups directly to SWISS FORT KNOX.
  • Simple: The access to the Cloud Backup Repository occurs over your Veeam Backup & Replication Console.
  • End-to-End encryption: Your data will be encrypted directly on your environment with AES 256-bit before it leaves your infrastructure. The encryption has no negative impact regarding the backup performance. No one else except you can read your data.
  • Disaster Recovery: A small or medium data volume can be restored easily over the internet through your Console. Optionally we offer an express delivery of your larger data volumes on external Hardware devices (USB/NAS).
  • Service Operation Center SOC: A team of certified technicians is available for support, free of charge and 24/7.
  • Easy pricing: Thanks to our transparent pricing you can keep control. We bill on the basis of backed up individual VMs and reserved storage.



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