Take advantage of the modern technology integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication software (version 9 and later) together with our REPLICA@MOUNT10 service in order to be able to use your most important service infrastructures within minutes after an incident.

With Veeam Cloud Connect, you have a direct SSL encrypted Internet connection to SWISS FORT KNOX over an individual TCP port.


Full-site Failover (emergency case): With our assistance, you prepare a so-called failover plan, which defines the start sequence of your server. In an emergency, you are able to identify yourself over a dedicated portal and immediately start your server replica. Your users can then sign into SFK via an SSL VPN and continue their work while you get your own infrastructure back into operation again.


Partial Failover: For maintenance work or possible interruptions during ongoing operations, you can also start an individual server replica with REPLICA@MOUNT10. Your users have normal, uninterrupted access to all of your services.



Following standard-services are included:


  • Multiple 1 Gb bandwith (unlimited usable)
  • Dual Site Disaster availability
  • 1 internal network (254 IP max.)
  • 7 days (168h) activ time per year
  • 1 IP addresse

Functionalities and advantages

  • SWISS FORT KNOX I+II: Encrypted &redundant storage in the most secure datacentres of Europe.
    Your data is exclusively stored in Switzerland, guaranteed!
  • External Replicas: With Veeam Cloud Connect are you able to replicate your server straight to the SWISS FORT KNOX and you can start it on demand. In emergency cases are you able to acces over public IP addresses your individual Replica server through WAN connection. 
  • Simple: The acces to your replicas  works seamlessly through your Veeam Backup & Replica.
  • Service Operation Center SOC: A team of certified technicians is available for support, free of charge and 24/7.
  • PSD (Proactive Space Detection): We perceive when your storage is full (no replication possible anymore).
    We are getting in touch with you proactive.
  • Number of Replica VMs: We observe the number of VMs in their reserved space. If there would be a difference in the number of VMs you ordered, we will inform you proactive and talk about adjustments with your contract if needed.
  • RRE (Repetitive Restore Enforcement): Exclusiv, only at MOUNT10!
    We approach proactive twice a year all our Replica customer to do a failover test with them. This proof’s continuously, that the replication of the server operates properly as well as whether the access data exists and also are applicable in a case of emergency.


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