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MOUNT10 CloudDrive is the easiest way to share larger files or collaborate inside and outside of one organization. The data are hosted in Switzerland and stored only in encrypted form.


With CloudDrive the data connection is encrypted by SSL and transported over the public internet into the SWISS FORT KNOX. MOUNT10 is creating the account with a username and a password. This password can be changed by the user and is also used to encrypt it’s data. This password is not stored by MOUNT10 AG and can not be recreated by MOUNT10 AG!


The NAS Backup functionality is part of the CloudDrive product. This function allows you to automatically backup your NAS data, using a native WebDAV backup app on your Synology or QNAP NAS. With this you can ensure your NAS data is stored encrypted in SWISS FORT KNOX also.


With the installation credentials, you’ll receive from us, you can establish a connection to your cloud repository. This cloud works like a local folder or drive, with the difference that it is offsite and highly available. The data on the cloud, can be shared with 3rd party users using an URL-link.

This cloud can be managed and operated using a desktop-app, a WebDAV-client or your mobile phone. Obviously every up to date web browser can be used also.

Functionalities and advantages

  • SWISS FORT KNOX I + II: Encrypted & redundant storage in the most secure datacentres of Europe. Your data is exclusively stored in Switzerland, guaranteed!
  • Usual MOUNT10 service: We are providing 24/7 hours free of charge support.
  • Simple: The access to the cloud and the usability is built as simple and as transparent as possible.
  • Encryption: Your data will be encrypted on transport via SSL and on your cloud environment with AES 256-bit. The encryption has no negative impact on the performance. No one else except you can read your data. With the loss of your password, your data will become unreadable!
  • Easy pricing: Thanks to our transparent pricing you can keep control. We bill on the basis of the number of accounts and reserved storage
  • Version history: CloudDrive stores all versions of files dating back a maximum of 30 days. You can access and edit any version for 30 days..

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