Real cloud-to-cloud backup



With CLOUD 2 CLOUD, data can be encrypted and transmitted DIRECTLY to MOUNT10 and stored under SWISS FORT KNOX conditions simply, securely, and without detours.


The CLOUD 2 CLOUD web portal connects to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. The e-mail, SharePoint, and OneDrive data are selected and saved directly to MOUNT10 ovon Daten an.

Why do you have to back up Office 365 data?

Isn't Microsoft responsible for data backup?

No. Microsoft makes sure the Office 365 platform is available through geo-redundancy. Microsoft only offers (short-term) data availability.

More safety with CLOUD 2 CLOUD

Expanding availability

Office 365 does not have a comprehensive backup solution. Once the retention period expires, data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


Protecting yourself against ransomware attacks

Microsoft expressly states that recovery of Exchange data at a certain point in time is not possible. Keeping a separate copy of the data makes it possible to recover quickly from an attack.


Planning an exit scenario

Planning exit scenarios from the beginning should be the part of every business decision, especially when it comes to your own data.


Avoid dependencies & blackmail

A company that is completely dependent on a single cloud provider is at a great risk. People are even trying to blackmail companies.



When users are deleted from Active Directory, all of their data and associated SharePoint pages are deleted. What happens when they are needed for a lawsuit?


Role separation

Nowadays, companies are demanding that roles be kept separate. Doing backups on the production platform creates a single point of failure. It is possible to delete data in Office 365 either accidentally or wilfully.


Functions and advantages

  • SWISS FORT KNOX I + II: The data is encrypted and stored redundantly in Europe's most secure data centres. The data is stored exclusively in Switzerland.


  • Web-based backup: No software needs to be installed with CLOUD 2 CLOUD. Thanks to the direct connection between Office 365 and MOUNT10, the backup is performed automatically on a daily basis.


  • Data recovery: Data can easily be restored to Office 365. Instant data also provides the ability to restore data directly to local infrastructure.


  • Service Operation Center (SOC): MOUNT10 checks the backup process daily and proactively creates logs in case of any anomalies. The SOC is always happy to answer questions 24/7.


  • End-to-end encryption: The data undergoes AES 256-bit encryption locally on the Microsoft infrastructure before being transferred. This means that only the customer has access to the data.


  • Password: The password generates an encryption key. This way, only the owner of the password can access the data. If lost, the data cannot be recovered.



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