«With MOUNT10 we have found a reliable partner more than 10 years ago, which offers a top service with innovative products until today. The cooperation with the extremely competent support team is uncomplicated and highly appreciated at all times.»

Robert Züllig,
Management, Abando GmbH




Das Schweizer Parlament

«The data backup of these laptops however is very demanding. The high mobility and irregular working hours are great challenges. With MOUNT10 we have found an ideal partner: The data is stored fully automatic, efficient and highly secure inside SWISS FORT KNOX. In addition we can monitor the backup status online and assist where required. A solid, pleasant cooperation.»

Hans Peter Gerschwiler,

Deputy General Secretary of the Federal Assembly


«MOUNT10 provides a very reliable and highly secure method to protect this data efficiently. Due to the speed of the service, there is almost no impact on our network. One more key asset of the MOUNT10 service is the easy installation as well as the professional, proactive support. With MOUNT10, we are convinced our data is safe even in case of a major disaster.»

Frank Schneider,



«The IT is a central and connecting element across all our subsidiaries. We simply cannot afford any loss of data. MOUNT10 is for us a great partner in this aspect. Via the backup Console we can monitor all our locations constantly. In addition we are professionally supported by our IT integrator as well as the Service Operation Center of MOUNT10.»

Peter Hagen,

Head of IT and Member of the Board


«The backup butler has convinced us right from the start. Within a few months we have upgraded our COMBO system to a MOUNT10 ECO installation - a conversion which was implemented absolutely smoothly. With MOUNT10 we are now backing up our data from two different locations directly and fully automatic to SWISS FORT KNOX.»

David Rüttimann,

IT Manager


«MOUNT10 represents for us an ideal solution in order to protect the daily data from our subsidiaries. We no longer need backup hardware at all the individual sites and do not have to impose IT tasks such as changing backup tapes on our local employees. Thanks to the Console, we can now monitor all backups easily from our headquarters in Olten.»

Daniel Stotz,

IT Manager


«Implenia IT has been appointed as business enabler to support our corporate group. MOUNT10 supports us to achieve this task even better.»

Vjeko Kirin,

IT Project Manager


«Quality and service is what distinguishes us from others. We are equally demanding both characteristics from the irremissible data backup. This is why we have chosen the online backup inside SWISS FORT KNOX from MOUNT10. Especially the straight forward, swift support has satisfied us very much.»

Dominik Stierli,

Web Project Manager Marketing

Schweizer Jugendherbergen

«With almost 560 employees we take care of about 950’000 guest-nights per year. As an outcome we get the responsibility to handle our data with care. For this we have MOUNT10 – a partner who stands by our side at any time and with whom we can evolve.»

Janine Bunte,



«Since we are using the MOUNT10 service, the backup runs fully automated on a daily basis and is professionally monitored. This creates additional capacity and we can use to even better focus on our core responsibilities.»

Adrian Nägeli,

Manager IT Services

Zuger Kantonsspital

«For our Data Backup, we chose MOUNT10, so not just our patients are well and safe but also our sensitive data is.»

Ruedi Häberli,

IT Manager


«Having to worry about backups would take up too much of our precious time – which we rather allocate for people at need. This is why we rely on MOUNT10. The fact that our backup is carried out fully automatic is very beneficial and convenient to us.»

Kurt Brand,


Stadt Aarau

«To make sure nothing is being forgotten it has to be kept safely. With MOUNT10 we have exactly this assurance.»

Adrian Gloor,

Leader organisation & IT

A. Vogel

«The same as we care for the health of our customers, we also care for a solid storage of our data. And that’s where the specialists of this topic come in. With MOUNT10 our data stays healthy.»

Michael Käppeli,

Dep. Director IT

American Bikes

«As we bet our business on reliable engines, we count on reliable data security. Our reliable provider is MOUNT10, the safest way into our future.»

James Müller,

Owner & CEO

House of Jeans

«A competent and very smooth service! A safe bet with MOUNT10!»

Dominik Altherr,

Store manager

Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug

«As a business school, we rely heavily on our IT tools and our data, not just for ourselves but also for our students. Due to this, we rely since years on MOUNT10 for our data protection.»

Hansjörg Truttmann,


Garage Reichlin

«For over 30 years, our family company in Küssnacht SZ provides services around cars. The opening of our 2nd subsidiary in Baar ZG, forced us to virtualize our infrastructure. MOUNT10 is our professional partner of choice providing data backup services for our virtual environment. Our customers count on us providing the best service for their car, we rely on MOUNT10 for the same values for our data.»

Peter Reichlin jun.,

Head of IT Technology

Swiss Securium

«For our customers of Swiss Securium only the highest security standards are enough. Due to this, it has been a logical move for us to provide the MOUNT10 services to our customers.»

Eugen Wiltowski,

CEO Alpein Software SWISS AG

Heinz Haeusler

«Datasecurity and –privacy are getting more and more important in the age of digitization. For our real estate projects, we need to be able to rely on the accessibility of the data of our current and closed projects. MOUNT10 is the reliable partner we have been looking for, so we can focus our effort towards our core business.»

Stephan Häusler,

Member of the executive board

Head of IT and pedagogical IT

«Approximately 2500 students and over 120 teachers are using our ICT infrastructure and generate large amount of data. Starting from very small files up to complex applications, grades of students, pictures, movies and much more. The automatic backup of MOUNT10 guarantees a smooth operation during the daily schooling tasks.»

Christoph Bühlmann,

Head of IT and pedagogical IT


«Trust is the alpha and omega. Our slogan “we for you, because you love your child”, represents trust and competence for over 82 years. That is why we trust the professional and competent services of MOUNT10. »

Andreas Fritschi,


«The search has finally come to an end. I was searching for an easy backup solution for my private data when I heard about the services of MOUNT10. For over five years now I have been using their backup-software. It’s extremely easy to use and the software automatically notices what hasn’t been backed up yet. Simply Easy.»

Jürg Aschwanden,

Home user

Wechsler & Partner

«In the age of digitization, availability and data-protection are increasing success factors for our business. Choosing MOUNT10 was the answer to that fact for us at Wechsler & Partner. The innovative backup solution allows to transport and store all of our relevant data directly into the Swiss Mountains – safe for all eventualities, thus supporting our availability needs.»

Beat Wechsler,

dipl. Custodian-expert and accredited Revision-expert

Notariatsbuero Benz

«MOUNT10 has replaced the old portable recording medium many years ago and takes care of my sensitive data in a fully automatic, efficient and absolutely secure way.»

Raphael Benz,


Gysi Bergglas

«We provide top specialists and therefore we are also depending on top specialists for our backup. This is the reason why we feel secure having our backups at MOUNT10.»

Dragan Volic,

Project Manager Construction / Head of IT


«The VEEAM@MOUNT10 service is the perfect addition to the existing MOUNT10 long-term backup for important data. We really do appreciate the free, high quality 24/7 support.»

Sven Ambiel,



«Regarding data security we decided to give this matter into professional hands as well. With MOUNT10 we found our perfect partner.»

Michael Kaufmann,

Managing Director

Franz Carl Weber

«Since 130 years we are the market leader in Switzerland for toys. That’s why it is also important to us that our data is protected by long-standing specialists. With MOUNT10 everything is running automatically with personal monitoring of our backup, what we highly value.»

Laurent Birbaum,

Head of IT

SR Sales & Rental

«We backup the data of our customers with MOUNT10 and are very satisfied. Also our customers are very pleased about the service. With MOUNT10 we have found a partner with who it’s a pleasure to work with.»

Christian Gafner,


Jilly Cafe

«To never lose our documents and data and ensure a daily, secure backup we have chosen MOUNT10 back in 2011. The daily, fully automated backup to the SWISS FORT KNOX has fully convinced us – the service functions smoothly and relieves us substantially.»

Angelo Butti,

Head of administration

Gravag Erdgas

«Dataprotection an -datasecurity was one of the biggest risks for our entreprise. With MOUNT10 we mitigated this risk with the best possible solution, which was eminent to us. The ease of use of the daily automated backups also reduced the risk of human errors.»

Enzo Ornamento,

Head of Administration

«Our guests are expecting secure data handling, with MOUNT10 we can guarantee this to a 100%.»

Detlef Gross,

IT Manager

«We are an ICT general-contractor-company, focusing on the «best out of all clouds», with a wealth of experience from our own datacenter operation as well as Microsoft / Windows Azure. With MOUNT10, we have found a highly specialized and experienced partner for the «Swiss-based» Backup and DRaaS solutions fitting perfectly into our total services portfolio»

Fridel Rickenbacher,

Partner & Board of Directors MIT-GROUP

«Since a long time, we are a proud and very happy customer of MOUNT10. In case of an incident, MOUNT10 supports us immediately and very competent. We really appreciate this since years, and we know our data is safe and always available.»

Roger Gloor,


«In the telecom market we cover, we provide very innovative, high quality and sustainable solutions. For our customers, Data security is a key argument. We are happy and proud of the fact, that our data is stored with MOUNT10 at SWISS FORT KNOX. We appreciate the partnership and the straightforward cooperation with the team of MOUNT10.»

Franz Hellmüller,


«For our Hosting-Service, we needed the best and most professional Backup service. It is stunning how easy the daily operation is with MOUNT10, exactly what we hoped for.»

Pius Käppeli,


«Simple, easy, strait forward and secure, for my good night sleep. Thank you very much MOUNT10! »

Markus Freitag,

Owner / CEO

«We need to ensure a high level of quality and safety for our customers in the food processing area, an important part of this whole system is the data protection with MOUNT10.»

Silvio Hartmann,

Head of Sales Administration

«To our customers, we are providing technologically innovative solutions with high quality as well as sustainability. A crucial point for us and our customers is high data protection for our Online-Backup service portfolio. With SWISS DATA BACKUP from MOUNT10 being the base for our BackupPlan Advanced service, we found the perfect solution for us and our customers. The flexibility, professionality and the knowhow of the support-team of MOUNT10 was as well an important decision criteria evaluating this solution.»

Stephan Wyss,

Head of Managed Services

Weimo AG

«Reliable and competent service, first-class implementation of all my wishes, excellent cooperation.»

Patrick Berger,

Head of IT

Recos IC AG

«Due to pure survival necessities as a software company, we need to ensure our sourcecode is stored externally and best protected. We decided for MOUNT10 based to the data encryption, the Swiss datacenters as well as the physical safety of their datacenters. The installation of the client is very easy and the pricing is fair. The setup was supported from MOUNT10 in a very profound and professional way, that is yet another reason for me to recommend MOUNT10 to other customers.»

Urs Wüst,


«Speed, reliability and fair pricing are of the essence for us as the leading company in the steel-trading and distribution business in Switzerland. The same values we found with our partner MOUNT10. Every day our data is protected automatically and very efficiently.»

Marco Muggli,

Head of IT

«Due to the fact we want quality, we decided for MOUNT10. The data-protection process runs smoothly in the background without any interaction from our side. This allows us to focus on our core business!»

Jonas Köpfer,

Deputy CEO

«As an IT service provider, we offer our customers reliable backup concepts and answers to questions such as «Where is my data and what is the backup frequency? ». When asked «where’s my data», an external backup is essential. With MOUNT10 we found a reliable partner many years ago. “VEEAM@MOUNT10” provides us now even with the possibility to protect entire server environments. We are convinced about the advantages of MOUNT10 and are very pleased with their service. Keep it up!»

Thomas Plieninger,

Managing Director

«The MOUNT10 backup solution was very easy to integrate into our app, which is used in rehabilitation clinics. This makes data backup very easy for our customers.»

Christoph Rickert,


«The backup solution from MOUNT10 is perfectly suitable for us as an SMB company – the data remains guaranteed in Switzerland with an absolutely trusted Swiss business partner. The service level and the willingness to support us from MOUNT10 is outstanding!»

Andreas Schläpfer,


«Swisscows is the safe search engine alternative, family friendly with no data tracking and users at Swisscows don’t leave any tracks. We were looking for a new, safer home: Flexibility, security, reputation, performance and fair pricing; all those points were basically the reason why we at Hulbee decided to move to MOUNT10. Pure Swiss quality, without any compromises!»

Andreas Wiebe,

CEO Hulbee AG

«Focusing on encryption, availability and geographical locations of the datacenters for minimal cost and best in class functionality, is critical for us as a IT-Serviceprovider for public authorities. With MOUNT10 we found the best solution for us! After years of cooperation, the full trust towards this strong partner remains undisputed.»

Angelo Decataldo,

Head of IT

«Our experiences from the ongoing operation of the first two years paint a clear picture. With MOUNT10 we have found a partner that fits us perfectly with its open and highly professional culture.»

Pascal Perrino,,

IT Leader, NeoVac ATA AG