Veeam with ransomware protection: MOUNT10 launches ImmutableVEEAM@MOUNT10

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The threat of ransomware is omnipresent and in the headlines every day. MOUNT10 has been offering solutions for unalterable backups since 2005. MOUNT10 has been a Veeam Cloud Connect Provider for the last seven years and is the leading specialised MSP in Switzerland. As of today, MOUNT10 also offers read-only backup in the Veeam space. ImmutableVEEAM@MOUNT10 / ImmutableVEEAM-AGENT@MOUNT10 protects the backups of the last 7 or 30 days and prevents deletion or modification by attackers or even by the customer themselves.
Rescue after ransomware attacks
The deletion protection prevents cyber criminals from deleting or manipulating the data history of the last 7 or 30 days. This allows for a seamless return to normality.